Pediatric Dentistry

Treating Children With Pediatric Dentistry Throughout Farmington, UT

Getting your child used to going to the dentist’s office is a terrific way to instill healthy habits that they continue as they get older. Parents and guardians rely on Rock Hotel Dental to provide their children with caring, comfortable pediatric dentistry throughout Farmington, UT. Our office accommodates children and families with a warm, inviting atmosphere. We provide comprehensive dental services that make children’s smiles shine their brightest.
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Children’s Exams and Cleanings

Dentists recommend scheduling exams, cleanings and checkups for children starting as early as three years old. Though your child’s teeth are new during that age, tooth decay will not wait until your child gets older to strike. Children get the same diseases, infections and buildups as adults. Dentists will evaluate your child’s teeth during twice-annual checkups, giving them in-depth, refreshing teeth cleans and searching for concerns. Our dentists will educate your child about healthy brushing and flossing habits at home. We make dental care fun and exciting for children.
Pediatric Dentistry in Farmington, UT

Emergency Dental Services for Kids

Your child’s safety and comfort are among your top priorities. You’d do anything to keep your child away from harm. You may feel uncertain and scared if your child breaks, damages or gets a surprise severe infection. Keep our contact information close by in case of an emergency. Our dentists are on standby to provide your child urgent dental care to restore their health.

We’ll immediately begin treatments and necessary procedures when your child arrives. If necessary, we’ll take x-ray scans of your child’s mouth to determine their emergency’s scope and severity. We recommend bringing your child in as soon as possible. Doing so will allow us to take instant action, increasing the chances of saving the affected teeth. We’ll implement preventative services and treatments so you can avoid extensive doctor visits in the future.

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry in Farmington, UT

Comprehensive Dental Care in a Safe and Comfortable Environment

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